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Shopping hints for ready-made costumes, fabrics, sequens, pearls, thinestones and other sewing accessoires.

Tribal-Links can be find here.

Buying hints for Candelabras.

Additional interesting Other sewing Links.

Belly Dance in the area of Cologne and Düsseldorf:

Amarna Dancer & Teacher in Cologne
Apsara Habiba Dancer & Teacher in Cologne
Asita Dancer & Teacher in Düsseldorf
A Zahra - Orientalischer Tanz A Dancer in Cologne, look there!
Studio Cahira Studio & Boutique, Auditionse & Shows in Düsseldorf by Nana
Dunyazade Dancer & Teacher in the environment of Cologne/Bonn/Düsseldorf
Studio Fayoum Studio for oriental Dance & Boutique of the Dancer Sybilla in Hilden/Düsseldorf
Firdaus Dancer & Teacher in Kerpen/Rhein-Erft-Kreis
Iskanda Dancer in Krefeld
Kalima's Tanzoase Dancer & Teacher in Recklinghausen
Leyla Jouvana Dancer & Teacher in Duisburg
Magdalena Dancer & Teacher in Neuss/Düsseldorf with many Sewing instructions
Magdy und Azza El-Leisy For many years a constant of the dancing scene, they live in Essen
Manis Dancer & Teacher in Düsseldorf, Member of Trio El-Azhar and Techer of the Group Sinam
Marimars Tanztempel Dancer & Teacher in Leverkusen/Köln Dancer & Teacher in Düsseldorf, student of Shahrazad and one half of "Duo Karma" (see downwards)
Mojgan Azarmi Dancer & Teacher in Düsseldorf, a persian live wire
Sahèla Dancer & Teacher in Wesel/Ruhrgebiet
Sara Oriental Dance Art & Basar in Rhein-Erft-Kreis, Bonn and Cologne
Shahrazad Who doesn't know her? She works international, Dancer, Teacher, Choreograph, lives in Cologne
Suheila - Studio für orientalischen Tanz Dancer & Teacher in Cologne/Dormagen
Zahira Dancer & Teacher in Cologne

Other links:

Studio Alamara School for oriental dance, latin dance, drums in Wiesbaden. Presentations, instuctions, workshops and auditions from and with Mara Kairuhzan
Amazing Sports The newest trends from the crazy world of Sport
*Ayascha* a Whiff of 1001 Nights.....
Dancer & Teacher Ayascha in Malsch is really a experience!
Picture archive of oriental Dance
Die Infoseite für orientalischen Tanz von Djamila A very detailed and elaborated Page, very voluminous catalogue of Dancer and Trader, Calendar of events
In generally: THE Address for all around Belly Dance!
Orientszene von Manuela Dschinny's Homepage looks is very beautiful with lovely Pictures and Graphics. And you wil find a lot of Infos about Oriental Dance in Berlin
Dotty Dancer in Graz/Austria. With a very detailed Kairo travel-report in January 2003
André Elbing André must not be introduced, his Name says enough
Helene Erkisen Danceethnologist, Dancer & Choreograph of the traditional Dances of the Orients, lives in Göttingen
Gauhara Dancer & Teacher in Braunschweig
Hassan Khalil He lives in Kuweit and travels often to Europe for giving WS
Helena Lehmann The Moderator of the Orient Scene
Mitra Club of Healthy, Dance and Ethnology in Austria
Bharatya Natyam, Ayurveda and Latin Shows (ballroom dancing)
Meissoun A Dancer in Switzerland - with a lot of links and travel-hints about Kairo from Februar 2002
Reyhan The Homepage of the Dancing Studio of Reyhan in Frankfurt leaves to her Page as Dancer
Sahida Sahida's Orient Pagee is collected aesthetic and gives a lot of Information and Links
Said el Amir A male Belly Dancer ? Yes, and what a phenomenal one !
Sha-ri Dancer in the Rhine-Main-area
Sheritra al Naghmea Dancer northern of Frankfurt.
Shirin Yasar Dancer & Teacher in Straubenhardt
Shirina-Ree Dancer & Teacher in Aschaffenburg
Nabila Shams el Din Author of the book "Spektrum Orientalischer Tanz"
Sonya's Oase The Website of Sonya & Abi in Lünen near Dortmund
Constanza's oriental Danceworld A new Info Page about Oriental Dance
Orienta The Orienta near Frankfurt is a fixed date in my caldendar
OrientalWeb The virtual meeting point of the Oriental Dance Scene - with a Forum !
Oriental Dance Berlin The Berlin Portal of the Oriental Dance
Die Welt des Orientalischen Tanzes Many Info, international links, Travel- and Culture-hints

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