Costume Galery 1

Here is a small selection of my costumes, simply click on the picture to enlarge.
Most pictures were taken in a session with Morgana and me, we took snapshots of each other. I have not sewn all of the costumes, but most of them.

The white costume has these iridescend sequins, and it always made me feel like a princess!

nadya43 nadya41 nadya42

The silver one with the white skirt has diagonally placed fringes. You can clearly see the "battlements" on veil and skirt.

nadya39 nadya38 nadya37 nadya36

We also made a golden version for a complete group (Shiva's Ensemble).
With veils and skirts in various colors, it always looks different.

nadya64 nadya61 nadya63 nadya62 nadya60

I found these great striped fringes in Cairo - and simply had to get them! It took some time before the costume became reality, but it was worthwhile, don't you think?

nadya44 nadya46 nadya45

This is "my" green, I have always been fond of mint green. And when I found these wonderful fringes and later on matching sequins as well (in London!), the costume was finished almost overnight.

nadya75 nadya73 nadya72 nadya74

Morgana looks great in this dark forest green, almost radiant!

nadya70 nadya69 nadya71

I love these blue and green shades, here I have combined 6 different colors. With various skirts and veils, the effect is completely different every time. And with a pleated skirt and veil, you will feel great anyway.

nadya51 nadya47 nadya48 nadya49 nadya50 nadya30

Here I have used very long triangle fringes.

nadya79 nadya78 nadya76 nadya77

This was the first part, now comes the second.... costume galery 2

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