Dear Friends of the oriental dance,

when I started on oriental dance some years ago, the exotic, glittering and dazzling costumes fascinated me very much. When I tried to realize my dream of my first own costume, I found nothing in the right size and colour. The choice was at that time not as large as it is now.

I had already sewn some curtains and pillow cases, knitted some oven cloths and crocheted some pullovers, and I regarded this as a very good foundation for sewing a dancing costume.

So I just got to work!

With time and the sewing of a number of costumes I gained a lot of experiences. I got a lot of advices, I asked, I imitated, I experimented, I made some mistakes and I discovered some tricks.

On this homepage I want to make all those informations available for I'm sure that they can be helpful for all those who want to make a costume themselves.

Certainly there is still a lot to add, a lot of people collected other experiences or learned other tricks which I'll be happy to take into account here.

So write me whatever comes to your mind.

Have fun reading and good luck with the sewing!


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