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Dschinny's "Pull-overs"


Dschinny:    (thank you for this hint!)

My self-made top version for less slim women seems to be interesting for others as well. Therefore I am describing here how that works.
It is almost a normal top, simply pulled over the head like a sweater, no hooks, no eyes, no zip, no buttons.
Then you push the edges under the bra, and there you go. On this picture you can see what it looks like before being folded under the bra:

dschinny02k dschinny03k

That means you can wear it as closed top over a normal bra or as a kind of bolero, as shown on the picture above.
The jacket itself is not gathered in the middle (although it looks as if it were), but is brought to shape only by a cloth loop. Depending on the width of this loop, the top is gathered, so you can vary it according to your own taste.

The following has to be considered:

So, that's it.
I hope you could understand the instructions halfway :-).

best regards

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