The belly-Net

One day I decided after a critical look into the mirror: This naked belly needs to be covered let's get a net.
The first hint was: buy net leggins in a dance supply shop (brand: Danskin), cut the legs off and pull it up to the bottom edge of the top. You sew fix many small hooks to the inside of the top for hooking on the leggins. That works well, only the color of that one is too dark for my very fair skin.
Since it was biting a bit between my legs, I had the idea to cut off the gusset in order to get a e halfway straight edge. I fixed this to the upper edge of a slip with zigzag (slightly extend the material while sewing).

Recently, I have seen a rather "Egyptian" solution for leggins with legs and gusset cut off: 2 somewhat wider (1,5 cm, 0.6 inches) elastic strings, approx. 10 cm (3.9 inches). Long sewed onto it rather in the middle of the bottom, kind of "slip substitute". I like that idea! :-))

With the time I have found that it is quite difficult to take that net off after dancing, when I am wet from sweat, as the sequins tend to get hooked up in the net.

Then I found a new solution for me: there is skin colored material, elastic in both directions, called Skin, dancing skin, glitter lycra or Power-Net in various shades and densities. I sewed a pipe with the seam in the back, sewed this by zigzag onto a slip and an elastic strip and later fixed thick snap fasteners. Appr. 10 pieces all around are enough. Now fix the counterparts of the fasteners to the bottom edge of the top, there you go. Now pull on the net, pull it up und fasten it to the top.

I feel very well and "dressed" with this net, but can be easily removed / left out.

In the meantime there is a wide selection of nets available, with Sakkara, for example.

On Djamila's homepage, you find a very good chapter on belly-nets. Simply check!

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