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Foto: Andrè Elbing In 1987, I was strangely fascinated by a TV report on oriental dance.

Soon after that, I found myself in a class at an adult education centre, trying my first "oriental steps ".

The following continual practice and many workshops with well-known female and male dancers of the oriental dancing scene form a stable basis for my dance and artistic education (Mojgan Azarmi, Shiva, Shahrazad, Manis, Hassan Khalil, Beata & Horacio Cifuentes, Sahra Saeeda, Wendy Bounaventura, Gamal Seif, Dietlinde Karkutli, Feyrouz, Magdy El-Leisy, Momo Kadous etc.).

In 1990, I gave my first solo performances, extending with the time to regular engagements for various events (private, restaurant, stage shows). Since 1993, I have been member of Shahrazad's dance group "Töchter des Salomon" (Solomon's Daughters) in Cologne.

For me, oriental dance means translating music into movement and interpreting and presenting feelings.

This requires a certain level of technical perfection including the ability to share my joy and my feelings in the dance with the audience.

My repertoire includes classical oriental dance of Egyptian style, dance with veil, stick, sword, meleya lef, Pharaonic dance, Arab-andalusian dance and, as highlight at the end of an oriental dance performance, the dance with the candelabra.


Nadya, Kostüm: Bella In addition to that, I have always been fascinated by these wonderful dance costumes and started to sew my own.

On one hand, because at that time ready-made costumes were not available in the same variety as today, on the other I simply enjoy creating my own designs.

Here I have written down all my sewing instructions for you.

A glance on them may prove worthwhile for those who want to put finishing touches to their own costumes.

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