Cutouts in the costume

Many dresses and elastic velvet costumes without separate belt have such decorative "cutouts" mostly surrounded by very nice embroidery.
Sometimes they are lined with a transparent material or feature "bars" of velvet.

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These are made by Bella and very smart.

How do you create such a "cutout"? Chaneira asked in the forum of Orientalweb. Ayascha, Samia Andra, Shirin-Yasar-Scharf and Djamila gave valuable hints - thank you!
Here they are:

I have finished the skirt and courageously cut holes into it which should look like flowers. By hand, I seamed the edges and applied the sequin lace all around the cutouts, so that the edges looked nice and clean.
Later I found out that the skirt is transparent, so I sewed an underskirt and cut large cutouts so that the skin can be seen.
All in all it was a lot of work (one summer at the pool), but it is one of my favorite costumes.

Samia Andra:
Hello, I hope both of us mean the same when talking of "cutouts".
there are two possibilities:
First: make a drawing of the design on the skirt.
1: carefully cut out the hole with sharp scissors, starting from the centre of the designed hole and fold the edges over to the inside of the skirt. Either you sew a seam in the same color, or you use thread in a contrast color (gold thread, maybe) in the roll technique (roll in superfluous cloth and fix it with the thread). You have to do this manually, that takes a lot of time and experience with such tricky work.

2: Use a narrow zigzag stitch on your machine all along the desing and then cut out the cloth inside this line, basically as if you would sew a buttonhole.
When you place a piece of cloth of a different color on the inside, you can produce "cutouts with cloth": simply pin the cloth to the inside before you start sewing, then cut the design out of the upper cloth. Turn around and cut away the corners of the lining cloth.
The zigzag method is quite fast. A disadvantage may be the rather visible edge due to the sewing, but in most dance costumes it will be decorated with sequins or beads and therefore hidden.

I would like to add the following: remember that the cutout you cut will get much larger when you fold the edge over and seam it. So please be careful when you design the cutout, otherwise you'll have a nice surprise if in the end the cutout is soooooo much larger than planned.

Shirin Yasar-Scharf:
it is not that complicated. If you wish to fill the cutout anyway with a different material (belly net, for example), you can do this in one step.
Simply draw the design on the cloth and pin the net material to the inside (with a rim all around) and sew with zigzag stitches along the line. Then you carefully cut out the skirt cloth and the rim of the net material all around. Then you seam it, so the cutout will keep its planned shape and size.
Try it on a sample. It is not as difficult as you expect.

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